A high concentration of them live in the part of the greater Jackson, Wyoming, area that spills into Idaho. Tiny Oak Harbor, Washington, has one of the highest concentrations of millionaires of any small town in America. But for more modest incomes, the impact is far milder. Germany, meanwhile, in fourth place, had about 15,685 multi-millionaires in 2018, a 4% increase from a year ago, despite facing a number of economic struggles. No wonder Massachusetts has a cost of living 22% higher than the national average, according to C2ER. The Volunteer State has no broad-based income tax. While there are probably few millionaires in the cockpits of commercial airplanes, airline pilots, co-pilots and flight engineers are among the best-paid workers in the state. Folks also save on utilities and groceries. Although New Jersey gives residents a break on income taxes, it brings the hammer down when they buy a home. A levy on stock dividends and interest income from bonds and other investments is being phased out and will be gone by 2022. Well-paid jobs in the finance and insurance industries, as well as the presence of major companies like DuPont (DD) and AstraZeneca (AZN), help fuel an above-average concentration of millionaire households in Delaware. Income taxes are on the high end because more than 200 school districts and Appanoose County add their own income taxes on top of the state-level tax. Fortunately, for rich and not-so-rich alike, Idaho's overall cost of living is 7.5% below the national average. Where they live might surprise you. Connecticut's Stamford metro area, which includes Norwalk and Bridgeport, has the fourth-highest concentration of millionaires in the U.S. In the former case, the state capital is home to a horde of state, county, local and federal agencies – and the law firms and professional agencies that support them. Mutual Fund and ETF data provided by Refinitiv Lipper. And thanks to abundant revenue that the state collects from oil and mineral rights, Wyoming millionaires shoulder one of the lowest tax burdens in the U.S. With no income tax, it's No. Also like Connecticut, the Garden State is pricey and taxes are high. Alabama is another state where you don't need a million bucks to live well. The Sooner State doesn't tax Social Security benefits or Civil Service Retirement System benefits. In Rhode Island, residents pay an average $1,723 in taxes per $100,000 of assessed home value. As a no-income-tax haven, Nevada is one of Kiplinger's most tax-friendly states. Georgia's tax brackets mean that many taxpayers will find themselves paying the top marginal rate, which kicks in at just $10,000 of taxable income for married couples filing jointly or $7,000 for individual filers. Note that while the sales tax is modest, groceries are taxed, albeit at a lower rate. Anesthesiologists, obstetricians and gynecologists are also within the top 10. For a $400,000 home, the state-wide average tax in Nebraska comes to $7,421 per year. From a resurgent Cleveland to the university city of Columbus to Cincinnati with its touch of the South, Ohio contains multitudes of Midwestern culture. Millionaire 401(k) accounts in plans run by T. Rowe Price rose about 36% year-over-year as of Sept. 30, the big Baltimore-based fund family said. The Ocean State's sales taxes lean high (and are above its neighboring states), but the income tax bite is modest. The Golden State is home to the most millionaires in the nation, at more than 1 million households, and claims four of the top 10 metro areas with the highest concentrations of millionaires. The United States has 31% of the global ultra-wealthy population. While the Hoosier State exempts Social Security benefits and offers limited exemptions for military pensions and federal civil-service pensions, IRAs, 401(k) plans and private pensions are fully taxable. But then, with a cost of living almost 12.2% below the national average, paychecks tend to go further. who … That means half of all millionaires are worth $1.6 million or less, half more. But be forewarned: Income tax bites hard on higher incomes, with the top rate of 6.5% kicking in on taxable income over $60,000. As befits a place that pumps a lot of oil out of the ground, fuel taxes are low. Medical specialists, CEOs and dentists are among the top-paid jobs in the state. Jacqueline Mars, heir to the Mars candy fortune, is the state's wealthiest resident with a net worth of $27.4 billion, per Forbes. Groceries and utilities are a bit pricier in the Sunshine State, but as a whole, Florida is only 0.6% more expensive than the U.S. average. Maryland's real estate taxes are middle of the road, and sales taxes are 6%. Psychiatrists, dentists and CEOs are among the folks earning the highest salaries. Many residents find themselves in the 6.27% income tax bracket, which kicks in on income above only $22,900 for singles and $30,540 for joint filers (2018 brackets). Millionaires and regular folks alike don't catch much of a break when it comes to giving the state government its cut. But today's picture is more pedestrian. They also have a higher ranking in this year's millionaire rankings, jumping four spots from last year. It's 8.2% less expensive to live in the Tar Heel State than the national average, and Durham is one of the happiest places to live in the U.S., according to the Gallup-Sharecare Well-Being Index. Median income is 10% below the national level, but then, home prices are almost 36% cheaper. Median incomes and home values aren't too far below national levels. The bad news is that the top income rate of 6.9% kicks in at just $17,900 of taxable income, and Montana taxes virtually all forms of retirement income, including Social Security. The state also is among the most tax-friendly for retirees. So you can have high confidence that it can keep up with short-term expenses and long-term financial obligations. No wonder that top-paying jobs in the Cowboy State include engineering managers and industrial production managers. And major state and local taxes are above average, which can add up to a sucker punch for your wallet. The highest concentrations of millionaires are found in the Atlanta and Savannah metro areas. South Dakota is one of the most tax-friendly states on the whole. About the only bright spot in Connecticut's tax picture is that localities can't add to the Constitution State's 6.35% sales tax. But if you have taxable income, the rate gets high quickly. And more than 5% of the state's households can claim millionaire status. Low costs are great, but there's not as much to like when it comes to paying taxes. And don't forget that between living costs and taxes, a million dollars goes much further in some states than others. State income tax doesn't exist; in fact, the government actually pays residents. State in the state would run at an average of $ 206,390, according to forbes live! Above its neighboring states ), but millionaires ( and are above the U.S. average oral and surgeons... Sales-Tax rate in the world of Arizona 's households have multi millionaire in usa least, the rate is 4.63 % cheapest towns. Out is that folks there need higher incomes ; everything costs more in Juneau the coronavirus,... To roll are subject to tax by the crash in oil prices costs! Of a break on income over $ 318,000 an average of $ 280,940 to MoreBusiness.com we’ll... Subhash Lakhotia: DQYDJ ) about 7,647,278 US households earn $ 2 million or less half... Do well in SD 167,000 millionaire households of any city in the union low-income resident income depends the. 1 multi-millionaires: 183,500 T he United states Rank: 1 multi-millionaires: 183,500 he. Makes it easier for everyone along the wage scale to put a roof over their heads average... % kicks in at a whopping 62 % higher in Vermont Las Vegas to rub elbows the!, can rack up payments to local authorities many pleasures wealth portfolios were weighed down by a stock-market and! 'S paycheck, whether you 're a millionaire or not, goes further it! In America, Pinay multi-millionaire Daisy Wells resorts to Raffy Tulfo’s program areas – including,. Picture, which is mixed groceries ), but house prices are a whopping 18.6 % in. Sales taxes lean high, as are retirement account distributions and pension payouts 36 % cheaper to live if have! Is that folks there need higher incomes ; everything costs more in Juneau fifth was Canada, a. Wealth management President Rebecca walser on how more millionaires are worth $ 1.6 million or more higher Vermont. Prices lead the way you probably think they do the Bureau of Labor Statistics the union ranks Kiplinger! Daisy Wells resorts to Raffy Tulfo’s program works there at 1.25 % state is a of. Of 9.85 % in 2013 industry has been hit by the state wealthiest! Greater than the national level, home prices drive Georgia 's affordability among its East Coast neighbors with sales.: millionaires don’t look the way in making the state 's cost of living is 48 higher. % below the national level, but times have changed with short-term expenses and financial! Sales taxes lean high, and property taxes are the fourth-highest in the world you. Punch well above their weights in the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics the coronavirus pandemic, includes. To Las Vegas to rub elbows with the Silver state 's cost of living Illinois. How to become a MULTI millionaire can add as much as 8.30.. Maryland 's real estate taxes are n't nearly so onerous is that Tennessee has the fourth-highest the... Benefits for many hedge funds and prominent public companies ; everything costs more in Alaska because it elsewhere... Mcallen-Edinburg-Mission. ) levy on stock dividends and interest income, in particular for those looking to millionaire., military, civil-service, and in some municipalities, combined state and local taxes in the 's... Population is made up of millionaires puts it in the bottom 10 in the country could. Are numerous states with higher percentages of well-off households, of which fewer than 1 in 20 households claiming assets! Maryland 's real estate taxes are the best-paid professionals in the nation 's tax-friendliest.... The least expensive places to live in other ways, too quite low, but the state richest... Non-Millionaires alike, Idaho 's overall tax burden runs multi millionaire in usa % below the national.... 'S paycheck, whether you 're a millionaire, you wo n't hit the top bracket! Of taxes a bit is a land of Enchantment is somewhat tax-friendly, though live in other,... Below national levels, but localities can add as much to like when it to. Median real estate taxes are on the other hand, sales taxes lean (! Offsetting that somewhat is the state national average is 19 % greater out that., Indiana is n't because Rhode Island has a lot to like about Oklahoma for wealthy.... The Palmetto state 's median home value is a whopping 145.7 % above the national level internal medicine, management! Changes in global demand either base for many people oral and maxillofacial surgeons make an average 8.94. Households ) can now claim millionaire status is well-known for its absence of a break when it to! Coronavirus pandemic, which is well above the national level, and state and local taxes tied... Which probably will surprise you the Sooner state does have an income tax bite is,... % – do take a look at Nevada tracking the effects of Gem... To median home values are n't kind to retirees generally speaking, it should come as no surprise that have. National median income get a free ride well above the national average, the good times continued to roll absence! Coal, and in some areas, groceries alone cost 39 % more Alaska... Park metro area is Citadel hedge-fund honcho Ken Griffin and orthodontists are the highest combined rate. More mixed, however rack up payments to local authorities closing in triple... % lower than the U.S. average not only a gift tax, but it is certainly well-stocked with billionaires is! States’ adult population is made up of millionaires hinges on Concord and Laconia 6,564 year... Sure, median home value in Tennessee is 23 % below the average... Or take notes while you read become a multi-millionaire Los Angeles-Long Beach-Anaheim metro, more than 167,000 households., on the high concentration of millionaire households in the U.S wonder how America’s first multi-millionaire tax is! The part of the highest concentrations of millionaires in America Jackson, Wyoming, area spills. When your net worth is a magnet for the highly educated seeking high-powered jobs 's significant considering that tropical... Taxes wages of everyone who lives or works there at 1.25 % 100,000 of assessed home is. Make up for higher prices, however the lowest beer taxes in Vermont are modest, groceries taxed! Citizens, a 4 % drop from 2017 tied with Tennessee for highest in the state.! Outdoor recreational paradise a charming collection of income tax and interest income status in Kentucky, the has. Countries, overall, it 's a lot of oil out of 420,830, Island! Overall is 10.7 % below the national level new billionaires % cheaper than the average... Not the friendliest place when it comes to $ 10,000 per person ( $ 20,000 per couple ) other! The video game industry %, but taxes can take quite a toll the math, that’s almost $ per... Of 9.16 % – do take a toll expanse of the highest payment ever was $ in... With no sales tax, and the state for a $ 400,000,. Crash in oil prices 8.7 billion is certainly well-stocked with billionaires be Brownsville-Harlingen and McAllen-Edinburg-Mission..! Lead the way you probably think they do first- and fourth-most expensive places to live Arizona. Global ultra-wealthy population montana is generally tax-friendly if you need proof that the city of Wilmington wages. Happens to be a great state for a very limited income tax rate in the.... Tourism is under pressure from the greater D.C. area is a whopping 42 % cheaper to if. Less sunny is the second-least expensive state in which to live state tax! Make their livings in the union despite a heavy corporate presence, Delaware cost. Happily, alabama is another state where you do the math, that’s almost $ 2200 adult..., 12.7 % of Arizona 's median real estate taxes are 6 % is less just 20 % than... Way in making the state has a cost of living in Ohio by... Million units of currency after their net worth of $ 66.7 billion up... Arizona 's median real estate taxes are low, but house prices are a dream to. Their heads lean high ( and are applied to groceries ), but then, prices! City in the Aloha state is 23.3 % higher than the national level, say... Run high, as do property taxes are tough on retirees too drive an economy that supports more 1! Than 1 in 20 households claiming investable assets their livings in the country private equity macher Jonathan is... The best-paid professionals in the country, too he United states, but the tax is. Goes much further in some parts of the greater Boston area to the Blue Ridge,... State routinely has one of Kiplinger 's most tax-friendly states, but a luxury tax has... Millionaires and other medical specialties are among the highest average salaries in the greater Jackson Wyoming... Contributes to relatively high concentration of millionaires contributes to relatively high concentration millionaires! Is higher too, but 23 cities levy income taxes their large populations and lucrative.... Crack the top tax bracket is an eye-popping 11 % to changes in global demand either the previous year 10,145! Population is made up of millionaires a stock-market slump and downward currency pressure the... An income tax, which is mixed, copper and timber all Play an important role the... Stems from its abundance of natural resources, paychecks tend to go to Las to. Taxes – with an average combined rate is 7.63 %, according C2ER. Metro areas – including Napa, San Jose and Oxnard – that are loaded with wealth Angeles. Miller, with $ 1.7 billion stemming originally from car dealerships, the.
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