Speciosa - H - S U, Red/Vermillion 2.5' Fuchsia FUCHSIAS. Purperklokje-H- S U, Aubergine, 1' Gardeners' Notes: 2. The Aztec-H- S T Red/Lt. function MSFPpreload(img) Doreen Redfern-H- S U, White/Violet, 1.5' The roots are hardy with mulching; and in cold areas it is treated as a perennial. Cardinal -H- S U, Red/Red, 4' Annie- H- S U, Red/White, 2.5' Edith Jack -VH- D U, Pink/Lilac, 2' Wisteria-H- S T, White/Purple, 2’ Scarlet O'Hara-H- D U, rose/red, 2' S U, White & pink/bright pink, 2.5’. Zwarte Snor-H- D Lax, Aubergine, 0.5', then trails        Nancy Lou-H- D U, Pink/White, 2' { Fuchsia magellanica is one of the hardiest species and will thrive in USDA Hardiness Zones 7-10. not a soul can grow fuchsia here. Marcus Graham-H- D U, Pink/Dusky pink, 2' "June Bride"- See ‘Display’ VH- (((navigator.appName == "Netscape") && 1. *We promise never to sell your information or bug you with spam. Nunthorpe Gem -VH- D U, Red/Purple, 3' Portland, Oregon. // -->